the StreetPlug:

The invisible alternative for a charging station. a smart EV-charging station. the streetplug has been developed together with StreetPlug B.V.


Srewing module:

A custom made screwing module that is used in a robot cell to assemble products automatically.


Robot arm:

A robot arm with gripper is used for assembling and testing products automatically.

Robot arm

Our production facility:

Verborg engineering has a spacious well-equipped factory to produce parts and assemble machinery.

Fabriekshal Verborg engineering

Refurbishment Body-line:

The refurbished Body-line consists of:

drum_line drum_line



l-w-h(body-line): ca. 15m x 4m x 2,5m
Power input	: 220/380 Volt 50 Hz
Weight		: ca. 30.000 Kg


These machines are used in drum production lines on different locations in the world.

stalen 200 liter vat