Helium accumulation tester:

A custom made leaktesting machine for quality checks on a large variation of gas valves.

Helium accumulation tester

Design charging hubs:

A drawing for stainless steel electric charging stations, in co-operation with our sister company Streetplug.

Ontwerp hubs

Robot arm:

A robot arm with gripper is used for assembling and testing products automatically.

Robot arm

Our production facility:

Verborg engineering has a spacious well-equipped factory to produce parts and assemble machinery.

Fabriekshal Verborg engineering

Pressure decay test – OH steel drums

Fully automatic leak testing at maximum speed and accuracy.

Our in-line leak testing systems are designed for extremely accurate leak testing for a wide variety of drums and similar products. It`s smart design provides a fully automatic solution with a high capacity rate that can be implemented to provide a zero defects production output.

This system was able to perform a Pressure decay test on open head steel drums. Similar pressure decay tests are also possible on tight head steel drums. On top of that, this system was also combined with a hard vacuum test. Multiple different kinds of products (in this case tight head and open head drums) were able to be tested on one system.

The pressure decay test is a less precise method then a vacuum test (up to 10-2 mbar*l/s). However no tracer gasses are required. Despite having a lower throughput then a vacuum test, this system was still able to meet the capacity requirements of the customer.

Pressure decay test – OH steel drums

Factory test video:

Pressure decay leak tester video

Specifications of this project:

Product type:			: Various steel drums
Gen. dimensions (lxwxh)	        : 3000x4500x3600 [mm]
Weight				: 3500 [kg]
Noise level max			: 80 [dB]
Air supply			: 5-6 [bar]
Air consumption			: 150 [L/min] at 5 [bar]

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