Helium accumulation tester:

A custom made leaktesting machine for quality checks on a large variation of gas valves.

Helium accumulation tester

Design charging hubs:

A drawing for stainless steel electric charging stations, in co-operation with our sister company Streetplug.

Ontwerp hubs

Robot arm:

A robot arm with gripper is used for assembling and testing products automatically.

Robot arm

Our production facility:

Verborg engineering has a spacious well-equipped factory to produce parts and assemble machinery.

Fabriekshal Verborg engineering

Double head riveter

Special purpose riveting line for folding carts by Philips.

This special purpose project was made as a small production line for riveting different parts of a Philips folding cart. The project consisted of three different riveting machines which were able to perform different production steps.

These folding carts consist of a folding frame with 3 wheels. Philips once designed these folding carts to temporarily support a flat car tyre in order to reach a tyre service centre.

Each machine consists of a compact rigid frame to support 2 Baltec Radial riveting heads. A special mould is placed between the two heads to fixate and support different parts, depending on the production step. These machines are able to double the throughput of the production line, even in small or medium runs (Calculate R.O.I.).

Production process

3 special purpose riveting machines are used to assemble the entire philips folding cart:

  1. Two parts of the folding frame are riveted in 1 cycle. The mould in this machine is used to support the inside of the frame during riveting.
  2. The rear wheels are fixated into the mould by a clicking system. The wheels are mounted on the frame simultaneous riveting.
  3. The last wheel is mounted on the front of the frame using the same principal as the second machine.
Double head riveters

Joining technologies comparison

Click here to compare radial riveting with other joining technologies like spot welding, screw fastening, clinching and bonding.

Production specifications:

Product type:			: Philips folding carts
Gen. dimensions (lxwxh)		: 1200x450x1750 [mm]
Applied riveting heads		: Baltec RNE 181 max. Ø 6 [mm]
				: Baltec RNE 231 max. Ø 8,5 [mm]
Weight				: 250 [Kg]
Air supply			: 5 [bar]

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