the StreetPlug:

The invisible alternative for a charging station. a smart EV-charging station. the streetplug has been developed together with StreetPlug B.V.


Srewing module:

A custom made screwing module that is used in a robot cell to assemble products automatically.


Robot arm:

A robot arm with gripper is used for assembling and testing products automatically.

Robot arm

Our production facility:

Verborg engineering has a spacious well-equipped factory to produce parts and assemble machinery.

Fabriekshal Verborg engineering

Route Description - Verborg Engineering BV - Roosendaal


Plattegrond Roosendaal Plattegrond Majoppeveld-Noord De J.F. Vlekkestraat

Verborg Engineering B.V.
Industrial District Majoppeveld-Noord
Jan Frederik Vlekkestraat 195 B
4705 AH Roosendaal
The Netherlands

Route from Breda:

Follow the A58 in direction Roosendaal. Take exit 22 towards Zegge. Continue straight onto Bredaseweg/Rijksweg-Noord in the direction of Majoppeveld-Noord. Turn left onto Jan Frederik Vlekkestraat. Engineering.

Route from Rotterdam:

Follow the A16 and A17 in direction Dordrecht and Roosendaal. Take exit 21-Roosendaal-Noord from A17, to follow Provincialeweg Zuid/N268 in Oud Gastel in the direction of Roosendaal. At the traffic lights continue on the Nelson Mandelaweg, Turn left onto the Leemstraat an than turn right onto Jan Frederik Vlekkestraat in Roosendaal.

Route from Antwerp (Anvers):

Get on the A12, continue onto A4. At the interchange Knooppunt Markiezaat, Use the right lane to follow signs for E312/A58/A4 toward Bergen op Zoom/Roosendaal/Rotterdam. At the interchange Knooppunt Zoomland, Use the right 2 lanes to follow signs for A58/E312 toward Roosendaal/Rotterdam/Breda. At the interchange Knooppunt De Stok, Use the right 2 lanes to follow signs for E312/A58 toward Roosendaal/Breda. Take exit 23-Roosendaal-Oost toward Roosendaal-Oost. Turn left onto Oostpoort/Van Beethovenlaan. Continue to follow Van Beethovenlaan. Turn right onto Strausslaan. Turn right onto Bredaseweg. Turn left onto Jan Frederik Vlekkestraat